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Pacific Grove, America's Last Hometown

Pacific Grove, America's Last Hometown

The Joys of Pacific Grove

Pacific Grove is among the most gorgeous cities in Monterey County, California. It's situated on the Monterey Peninsula's tip and is known for an abundance of diverse things. The coastal city is often lovingly referred to as being the "Butterfly Town". This nickname is all thanks to the lovely Monarch butterflies that overwinter in the city on an annual basis. If you want to revel in the splendor of butterflies while in Pacific Grove, the Monarch Grove Sanctuary is an excellent place to visit. The sanctuary offers in-depth tours that display the wonder of the flying insects. Note that sanctuary entry is 100 percent free.

Victorian Feel

When you're lucky enough to be in Butterfly Town, the choices in fun and relaxation are plentiful. The city is home to a broad array of delightful and cozy inns. If you'd love nothing more than to rest your head in an inn that used to be a refined Victorian residence, there are plenty of options that fit that category. These inns are full of period furnishings that contribute to an authentically nostalgic atmosphere that characterize the city.

Beautiful Coastline

Pacific Grove offers an amazing coastline trail. People who want to enjoy fun in the sun while in the area can head to Asilomar State Beach. Founded in 1951, this beach is an excellent place to soak up the sun's rays and unwind for a while. It's a popular location for fans of kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kite flying, swimming and sunbathing. It even offers designated picnic sections for people who want to grab a bite. Asilomar State Beach is a mile in length and ideal for folks who want to experience breathtaking nature views.


Golf is a big attraction in the city. People who want to show off their golfing skills can visit Pacific Grove Municipal Golf Links. This public course has been around since 1932 and is still going strong. It's a wonderful place for people who want to enjoy golf and the sights of lush greenery at the same time.

Historical Significance

History is a major strength for the city. Legendary American author John Steinbeck has roots in it. He resided in the city in a cottage for quite some time. Steinback's father served as the treasurer for Monterey County for some time as well. Since Steinbeck was born in Salinas, Monterey County was a big part of his upbringing and life in general.

Pacific Grove Museum of Natural History, only a brief stroll away from the beach, is yet another significant attraction. It was launched back in 1883 and was among the nation's earliest museums that focused on natural history. The museum is a terrific place for people who want to observe all of the things that make the Central Coast in California so extraordinary and compelling, including plants and wildlife such as birds.

Various Options & Activities

"America's Last Hometown" is yet another nickname for this history-packed city. If you want to relish history, culture, architectural splendor and a quaint and serene atmosphere, Pacific Grove may be the spot for you. There are plenty of choices and things to do while visiting Pacific Grove, so make sure you visit our recommended things to do section.