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We've compiled the most frequently asked questions about our events calendar, marketing programs, and overall content for your reference and clarification.

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Why Should I Advertise my Business or Event on WhatsUpMonterey?

As one of the most popular local resources for locals and travelers alike, your business and event will get increased visibility on our platforms including our website, social media channels and email marketing campaigns.

In just the past 12 months, we have reached more than 400K readers and served more than 1 Million pageviews. With more than 33K Social Media followers, you can get your service, product or venue in front of thousands of new readers.

Check our audited and verified demographics reach and readers data and 2023 advertising opportunities to learn more!

As a Hotel or Lodging Facility, Why Advertise?

Besides increased visibility on our publications and social channels, your hotel, inn or resort utilizes "Direct Booking" which eliminates your fees associated with booking via 3rd party platforms such as Expedia. Additionally, your hotel's direct phone number is added for more direct communications and direct reservations.

Advertisers are also in control of photos, business descriptions and related social media links vs WhatsUpMonterey pulling information from its affiliates' networks and/or from our own content portfolio. 

Non-advertising hotels listed on WhatsUpMonterey are included as part of our affiliate partnership and obligation with 3rd party booking and reservation platforms such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

I'm Not Advertising on WhatsUpMonterey, Why Am I Listed?

Some listings on selected categories, such as hotels, restaurants and deals, are included as part of our affiliate partnership and obligation with 3rd party booking and reservations platforms such as TripAdvisor and Expedia.

Blog & Suggested Itineraries Include Incorrect Information, Can I Report It?

WhatsUpMonterey local community editors write and update blog articles and trip suggestions periodically. Information contained in our blogs is based on three resources:

  • Editor's Own Experience With Your Business, Event or Service
  • Public Information Available About Your Business, Event or Service
  • Advertiser's Submitted Information

Found incorrect or outdated information? Let us know!

How Often Do You Update Events Dates & Information?

Repeat annual events are added every year with either known dates or approximate upcoming dates until we hear from events' organizers. As soon as our editors are aware of new information, pricing or offerings, our editorial team updates events information accordingly. Events that WhatsUpMonterey sponsors or organize in addition to our sponsored events have the most updated information.

Found incorrect or outdated event information? Let us know!

I Don't Want You to Write About My Business, Event or Service, What Can I Do?

As an independent publisher and proponent of free speech and knowledge sharing, WhatsUpMonterey editors are encouraged to publish and include useful information and recommendations throughout all produced content and articles.

We understand that some might not like their business or event to be shared in an uncontrolled or unedited manner, but freedom of speech and expression along with knowledge sharing are at our core publication model.

As a non-biased publication, we welcome your feedback and in some cases your side of a story which can be included in our blog articles.

As a Business Owner, How Can I Ensure That My Information Is Up-To-Date?

Our team tries its absolute best to maintain current information on all events and business listings. It is the responsibility of the business owner or its official marketing department to ensure the accuracy of its listing, event and service information.

WhatsUpMonterey's advertising partners are always in control of content accuracy which is very helpful and appreciated by our active readers and travelers looking for your service or product.

What if I'm not an advertiser? No problem, contact us to report updated information and to discuss your advertising campaign options.

Can I Remove My Event or Business from WhatsUpMonterey

WhatsUpMonterey publishes local events and business information so readers and consumers can share their local experiences. As your information is a matter of public record and public concern, we don’t remove information from our publications. If an event is canceled or a business is closed, contact us to report outdated information.

While we understand that some business owners might prefer to keep a low profile, or not want to deal with updating the information on our publications, it’s important and a "legal right" for readers, viewers and consumers to be able to find and share helpful information about all local events, attractions and businesses.

What is Your Copyright Policy?

WhatsUpMonterey is not the copyright holder of media that users and business owners submit to listings, events, attractions and blog sections - unless it was produced by our in-house content creators. All WhatsUpMonterey self-produced media are owned and copyrighted. You may not use, share or publish our media without our written authorization or special licensing agreement.

Refer to our Copyright Section for more information.