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Selecting a Great Dress for a Monterey Wedding

Selecting a Great Dress for a Monterey Wedding

Selecting the Perfect Monterey Wedding Dress

Monterey County, California weddings are a big deal. It doesn't matter if you yearn for an idyllic wedding by the water or if you desire a classic affair at a high-end resort. Monterey is a gorgeous and peaceful place to tie the knot. If you want to select the perfect Monterey wedding dress, these 10 tips can help you greatly.

1. Focus on Material

Beach weddings are popular in Monterey. If you want to avoid the pitfall of overheating on your big day, opt for a gown that's lightweight. Look for a natural fabric that's cool and that breathes well. Silk is a great example. Don't forget, though, that heavier dresses can sometimes work, too. Monterey temperatures can be rather cold at certain times of the year.

2. Pay Attention to Dress Color

Outdoor weddings are common in Monterey. That's why it's critical to concentrate on dress fabric color. Dresses may appear lighter in natural sunlight than they do inside. If you want to purchase the right gown, you should take a look at it outdoors if at all possible.

3. Consider Dress Shape

Not much can beat the joy of dancing on the beach during a fun-filled wedding. A wedding dress that's way too heavy and awkward, however, can be a major downer. Consider investing in a dress that has a relatively short train. It can be smart to opt for a more lightweight gown in general, too.

4. Prioritize Travel Convenience

If you're traveling to your Monterey destination wedding from a distant location, think about your transportation needs. Air travel can be tough on sizable wedding gowns. If you're going to be taking a plane to Monterey, a smaller and more compact dress may be a better and more practical option for you.

5. Think About Delicate Fabrics

Beach weddings are great for people who adore the water. If you have plans to dip your feet in during your wedding, you should be careful. Look for a dress that has a fabric that can tolerate H20. You don't want to risk ruining your stunning gown! If you want to wade in the water, you should also avoid lengthier dresses.

6. Assess Your Footwear Needs

Many brides dream about walking on the gentle sands without shoes during their weddings. If you dream about this, you should select a wedding gown that's on the shorter side. Sand can quickly make any wedding dress look like a disaster!

7. Emphasize Comfort

It doesn't matter if you're getting married indoors or outdoors in Monterey. Comfort should be your top priority. Take the time to find a dress that makes you feel 100 percent at ease. This is particularly important for brides who are planning outdoor events.

8. Pencil in an Early Dress Appointment

People who want access to the finest dresses available should make their wedding dress appointments early as possible. Early appointments are ideal for brides who want to work with motivated staff members. They're also great for brides who want to avoid the pressure of large crowds.

9. Avoid Dress Fads

Monterey is a timeless and enduring wedding destination. That's why brides should steer clear of dresses that scream "fad." If you want to pick the perfect wedding dress, go for one that's classic.

10. Take Your Time

A wedding in Monterey is the experience of a lifetime. You don't want to ruin it with a dress that isn't 100 percent fantastic. It's essential to approach the dress search process with care and dedication. Don't rush it!

Be True to Yourself

If you're true to yourself and select a wedding dress that makes you smile, you should have no problems. Monterey weddings are all about feeling great and free. That's why so many people love them so much!

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