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Tips When Planning your Wedding in Monterey

Tips When Planning your Wedding in Monterey

Weddings in Magnificent Monterey County

Monterey County is located in the breathtaking Central Coast region of California known for its amazing scenery. That's why it's no shocker that so many couples choose to tie the knot in the area. If you're looking to plan a Monterey wedding, the following tips may come in handy for you. When you're diligent and detail-oriented, organizing an amazing Monterey wedding can indeed be a successful, smooth and even enjoyable project.

Professional Wedding Planning Assistance

Recruit the assistance of a trusted Monterey wedding planner. Monterey is hailed for its many choices in first-rate wedding venues. If you don't want to risk feeling overwhelmed by all of the venue choices in front of you, hiring a dependable and experienced wedding planner may be able to give you a lot of convenience and ease. Wedding planners who are familiar with Monterey County are aware of all of the finest venue options. They know about all of the best catering companies. They can guide you to all of the greatest choices in wedding entertainment, too.

It doesn't matter if you want to hire a fantastic local music act, a standup comedian or anyone else. A seasoned event planner can help you plan a Monterey wedding that goes off without a hitch (no pun intended). Take your time in selecting a Monterey wedding planner.

Optimal Wedding Locations

There are many recommended wedding locations in the county. Monterey Bay, for example, is home to an abundance of A+ choices. Carmel Valley is yet another beloved wedding locale in the area. You can also consider a lovely beach wedding in Monterey. Many couples choose to get married in Monterey due to the amazing choices in stunning beachfront weddings. Some vendors in the area even offer extensive beach wedding packages that include everything from meal choices and cleanup assistance.

Excellent Photography Spots

If you're looking for amazing backdrops for wedding photography in Monterey, top locations include Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey, scenic Pebble Beach and Lovers Point Park in Pacific Grove.

Catering Options

Quality wedding catering choices in Monterey are plentiful. Reputable catering businesses in the region serve everything from All-American and French dishes to Asian fare and beyond. If you take your time, you should be able to find a local catering business that can accommodate your budget and culinary requests.

Wedding Officiants

Finding a qualified wedding officiant or minister in the region isn't hard and many provide complimentary consulation sessions in order for both of you to decide if it's a good fit for your wedding style. Popular websites such as WeddingWire can also help you track down the names and professional biographies of Monterey County's most trusted and seasoned officiants.

Timing is Everthing

Make sure to give yourself plenty of time. It doesn't matter if you're planning your Monterey wedding with a wedding planner or doing it all by yourself. Time is a major asset. If you want to put together the wedding of your dreams, you should start doing so as early as possible. Monterey County is a popular getaway destination and that's part of the reason this is so important. Major events are a common occurrence in the region.

Aim to get started with the planning process at least a year and a half before your big day. This ensures that you can properly book a wedding venue, catering company and entertainment (along with everything else); this also allows you to have more vendor choices. Otherwise you could find yourself frustrated by all of the venues and companies that are already totally booked or simply stuck with unpopular ones!

Distinctly Monterey County

If you want to make your wedding in Monterey truly special and memorable (who doesn't?), you should focus on the things that make the region truly stand out. Monterey County is full of first-rate wineries, farms and produce. If you want to give your Monterey wedding celebration some distinctive character and flair, it can be a great idea to integrate the area's specialties. Consider adding Monterey produce to your wedding day menu. Doing so can give your event a genuine Monterey feel that can't be replicated. It can also be highly affordable.

Recommendations and Suggestions

Don't be afraid to seek recommendations and suggestions from people who are familiar with the area. This is crucial whether you're a Monterey County native or not. Getting advice from people you trust can always be a smart and sensible idea. If you know a person who has successfully had a wedding in Monterey County, speak to him or her to get a little insight. If you're interested in the idea of planning a small and intimate family wedding on the beach, try to find someone who had that kind of celebration. If you're interested in throwing a large and lavish wedding that's full of high-end features, try to find someone who had a wedding of that ilk. Monterey County can be a great place for all varieties of weddings.

Remember, you can enjoy a budget-friendly wedding in the area if you plan ahead of time. At the other end of the spectrum, you can also enjoy a wedding experience that's the definition of luxurious. The sky is the limit in Monterey County. Make sure you check our our Monterey Wedding Guide and browse all our recommended vendors.