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Best Bakeries in Carmel, California

Best Bakeries in Carmel, California

Delicious Baked Goods in Carmel, California

Carmel-by-the-Sea, California is paradise for people who love the beach, fine wines and quaint downtown areas. It's also paradise for people who adore delectable baked goods. Who doesn't, anyway? Visitors who are planning a trip to the idyllic city on California's Central Coast will have a blast enjoying all of their options in tasty bakeries.

Patisserie Boissiere

If you have a penchant for amazing baked goods that will make you feel like you just stepped into a Parisian bakery, Patisserie Boissiere in Carmel is sure to please your taste buds. The choices in cakes and pastries at this Carmel bakery are absolutely overwhelming, and in the best possible way. They include almond croissants, eclairs, pear tarts, brioche loafs, creme brulee and chocolate mousse cake galore. The sweet delights aren't just restricted to Gallic treats, either. You can also treat yourself to zabaglione, chocolate Bundt cake and peanut butter cookies, for example.

Carmel Bakery

Carmel Bakery is a must-see for all visitors to the area. Like Patisserie Boissiere, Carmel Bakery is a hub for European-influenced baked goods. People who stop by this bakery can relish the tastes of pastries, sandwiches, pretzels and soups. Coffee is yet another big focus at this lively establishment. The family-run bakery has the distinction of being one of the city's oldest businesses. People who are in the mood for massive soft Bavarian pretzels, English scones, Scottish shortbread, classic deli sandwiches or Italian biscotti will undoubtedly enjoy visits to this bakery. It's a great place to pick up a laid-back lunch while enjoying the sights and sounds of scenic Carmel.

Lafayette Bakery & Cafe

Lafayette Bakery & Cafe is another popular Carmel institution. Operated by the Vial family, this bakery is also all about France. Lafayette Bakery & Cafe is chock-full of choices in artisan breads and delicate pastries. Master baker Jean-Bernard Vial and pastry chef Pascal Merle are the two masterminds behind the tasty delights available at the bakery. They've both been baking since the 1970s. For those who want to relish delicious baguette sandwiches, Lafayette Bakery & Cafe is the perfect Carmel destination. It's also ideal for people who have cravings for salads and French pastries. Whether you're looking for a macaron or for a French sourdough baguette, this bakery will charm you with its amazing taste and pleasant, welcoming ambiance.

Stop By These Bakeries During Your Carmel Visit

Carmel makes an amazing destination for people who want to satisfy their sweet cravings. Be sure to visit Carmel on an empty stomach otherwise you might regret all the food opportunities you missed out on. For more options in Monterey County, browse our bakeries and delis section.