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Monterey Wine Country, a Top Wine Travel Destination

Monterey Wine Country, a Top Wine Travel Destination

Monterey Wine Country: A Great Place for Wine Enthusiasts

Fans of wine regularly flock to beautiful Monterey County in California to savor some of the best fine wines. The Central Coast getaway is known for its abundance of esteemed wineries and tasting rooms. If you want to get familiar with some of the Golden State's most amazing and delicious local choices in wines, Monterey County should be a big destination choice of yours.

Try an In-Depth Monterey Wine Tour

Guided wine tours in Monterey County can be an excellent way for people to get acquainted with the ins and outs of the celebrated winemaking region. If you want to sip local wines and have access to a seasoned wine expert who can answer any and all of your questions, a tour should work out perfectly for you. Guided tours can make superb options for people who are interested in the convenience of door-to-door service. People can often opt for customized tour packages that can accommodate all of their requests and preferences as well.

Walking wine tours are also popular among wine enthusiasts who visit. If you want to get exercise and learn about wine at the same time, you can begin at Wrath Wines and make your way over to Vino Napoli Wine Bar in Carmel-by-the-Sea. This route takes about a mile. You'll be able to pass about seven lovely wine tasting room options! 

Revel in the Excitement and Knowledge of Monterey Tasting Rooms

Monterey County is home to so many exemplary choices in wine tasting rooms. People who have a thirst for knowledge regarding Monterey wine can learn a lot by visiting these tasting rooms. To learn more about the area's best and most renowned winemakers and get a glimpse into the rich history of winemaking in Monterey County, there's practically no better way to do so than by visiting wine tasting rooms. Wine tasting rooms are excellent places to sample a wide range of delectable wines.

Visit the Finest Monterey Wineries Around

Monterey County isn't known as "Wine Country" for no reason. Its options in wineries are beyond plentiful and varied. Since there are so many high-quality choices in wineries, it can often be rather difficult for people to choose which ones they want to visit. Some of Monterey County's most respected and famed wineries include Manzoni Estate Vineyard in Soledad, Pierce Ranch Vineyards in Pacific Grove, Pessagno Winery in Salinas, Silvestri Vineyards in Carmel-by-the-Sea and Bargetto Winery of Cannery Row in Monterey.

A visit to any of these wineries should be able to provide you with a detailed look into the area's wine world. These wineries are all equipped with their individual charms and advantages as well. If you want to explore a family-run winery that has a sophisticated and dignified ambiance, you can't really surpass Silvestri Vineyards. If you want to take a look at a beloved winery that has been a staple in the area for many decades, Bargetto Winery of Cannery Row is definitely a "must-see" for you. Options in Monterey wineries are abundant, varied and just plain fascinating. Other great places to enjoy wine tasting in the city include Caraccioli Cellars, Manzoni Vineyards and Scheid Vineyards. If you want to savor the best of the wine world, visit Carmel to experience its plentiful bottle shops, wine bars and tasting rooms.

Why Monterey Wine is Tops These Days

Napa Valley used to have a reputation for being the greatest wine locale in the state of California. Things are rapidly changing in that department. Lately more and more wine lovers are making the decision to visit Monterey County to accommodate their wine getaway needs. There are many reasons for that. People love the personalized assistance they can often receive while touring the wineries and tasting rooms. They also can't get enough of the area's A+ Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. If you want to have an unparalleled wine experience, a detailed Monterey wine tour can undoubtedly hit the spot for you. Check our recommended wineries section for more information.