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Reasons to Visit Monterey County in the Spring

Reasons to Visit Monterey County in the Spring

The Joys of a Monterey County Spring Visit

Monterey County, located in California's beautiful Pacific Coast, is known for everything from breathtaking beaches and wineries to magnificent natural parks and invigorating outdoor activities. That's why so many people flock to Monterey for getaways each year.

If you want to see the best of Monterey County, it may be wise to visit the area in the spring. That's when you'll have the opportunity to gaze at vivid wildflowers popping up everywhere. Monterey's springtime floral offerings are genuinely amazing and include poppies, lupines, Indian paintbrushes and irises. The spring months give Monterey visitors the opportunity to feast their eyes on brilliant and dazzling seasonal color.


Superb Choices in Outdoor Activities

This Central Coast region is known for its plentiful and varied options for outdoor activities. If you love recreation and being outdoorsy, you can't beat Monterey County in the spring. The springtime is when the area's outdoor scene starts to truly hit its stride every year. Some beloved spring outdoor activities in Monterey County include paragliding, kayaking, cycling, hiking, hang gliding, boating, mountain climbing and animal watching. It doesn't matter if you have an adventurous streak or if you prefer activities that a bit more low-key and relaxed. Monterey's choices in springtime recreation are abundant and exciting. 

Biking the scenic 17-Mile Drive is highly recommended for amateurs and pros, kids and adults alike. You can start off yourself or guided tour from Pacific Grove's Lovers Point Beach and up to Pebble Beach. Pacific Grove Adventures offers various bike types and models to fit all riders needs. From beach cruisers to fun electric bikes, they got you covered! 

It's The Secret Summer

Monterey County locals refer to the spring as the "secret summer." This is another big incentive for people to head to Monterey in the spring. The area's spring months are characterized by mild temperatures, untroubled skies and a lack of fog. Its combination of pleasant weather and bright green hillsides is sure to please anyone who loves the outdoors. If you want to experience the best of Monterey County's secret summer in the spring, great outdoor locations to visit include the Monterey Bay Coastal Recreation Trail, Toro Park, Point Lobos, Andrew Molera State Park and Jacks Peak Park.

Tranquil Joys of the Beach

Monterey is a big destination for beach lovers. If you're someone who loves tranquil days of swimming, basking in the sun and walking on smooth and soft sands, you should definitely visit Monterey County in the spring. The area's coastline is especially stunning at that point in the year. If you want to spend time at the beach without thinking about fog, there's no better time to do so than during the spring. Although fog is highly common in the summer in Monterey County, it's not in the spring. Be sure to hit Marina State Beach for some surfing and fun in the sun and stop by Lovers Point to enjoy a serene picnic, too. The joys of Monterey's beaches in the spring are immeasurable. Other essential beaches in the county include Carmel Beach, McAbee Beach, Pfeiffer Beach, Salinas River State Beach and Fort Ord Dunes State Park Beach.


Excitement of Whale Watching

Many people visit Monterey to enjoy whale watching trips. If wildlife fascinates you, you should make a point to spend time in Monterey toward the end of the spring. Visit Monterey County in April to go on a whale watching excursion to view blue whales and humpback whales. Don't forget that whale watching isn't an activity that's available all year long. You have to time your Monterey trip properly to participate in it!

Various Fun Events

The California Roots Music and Arts Festival is not to be missed, with a fresh wave of artists at the Monterey County Fair and Event Center, including Ice Cube, Ziggy Marley, Rebelution, The Expendables, and Ziggy Marley, to the already stellar 2024 lineup.


Whalefest Monterey celebrates the migration of the gray whales, and benefits the many local and national marine organizations that build awareness about the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary – they educate, inspire, and empower the public to protect it.


Another fun event is Good Old Days, a massive street festival and fair takes, in downtown Pacific Grove featuring over 60 bands and shows over five stages, 225 Arts and Crafts vendors and 35 food vendors.


Sea Otter Classic is a four-day cycling festival where professional and amateur athletes alike make the annual pilgrimage to participate in some of the sport’s most competitive and enduring events. Hundreds of pro cyclists, including national, world, and Olympic champions, attend Sea Otter to race and meet with fans.


Big Sur International Marathon & Expo is considered one of the most scenic marathons in the country and one of the most difficult. Athletes have the rare opportunity to run 26.2 miles of coastline, affording some of the most stunning views on the West Coast.

Celebrate the wines and winemakers of Monterey County’s world class growing region and sample over 100 incredible wines at the Winemakers' Celebration.

If you appreciate art and sculpting, the Carmel Art Festival at Devendorf Park might be a great option. During this three-day event, artists create their exhibition paintings outdoors on Wednesday and Thursday, and judging takes place on Friday afternoon. Weekend events include Sculpture-in-the-Park, Kids-make-art day, and live music!

Salinas Valley Fair showcases entertainment, education, and livestock and celebrates local communities, local talents, abundant agriculture, and more.

Spring in Monterey County is a Dream Come True

Monterey County springs are excellent for people who love easy living and recreation. If you want to happily remember your Monterey County trip for the rest of your life, a springtime visit is definitely in order. For lodging and accommodations, we highly recommend Hofsas House in Carmel. Other options are included in our recommended hotels section.

For more activities and things to do, check our activities section.