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Gordon McCall Shares the Inside Scoop on the Quail Motorcycle Gathering

Gordon McCall Shares the Inside Scoop on the Quail Motorcycle Gathering

In a recent fireside chat between Will Elkadi and Gordon McCall, Director of Motorsports, discuss their shared love of motorcycles and cars world and the development of the Monterey Motorsport Park. With spring in full bloom, McCall mentions that it's the perfect time to be back on a motorcycle. When asked about his daily motorcycle, he shares that he rides a BMW GS Adventure, a reliable and comfortable bike with everything he needs for a ride.

As the conversation shifts to the Monterey Motorsport Park, McCall explains that he and his partners saw a need for a place to store valuable assets beyond just a two-car garage. After developing 96,000 square feet and 80 units, the space sold out rapidly, with many owners using their units for daily office spaces or to store extra vehicles. McCall emphasizes that all units are owner-occupied, with the exception of a few that were bought as investments and are now being leased.

One unique aspect of the Monterey Motorsport Park is its diverse community of owners. From movie producers to MotoGP World Champions, the community offers a little bit of everything. McCall even shares that during the pandemic shutdown, the CEO of Ford Motor Company ran the company from his unit at the park.

The chat with McCall and Elkadi gives a glimpse into the development of the Monterey Motorsport Park and the growing need for secure and spacious storage spaces in the Monterey Peninsula. It also highlights the community aspect of the park, bringing together a diverse group of individuals with a shared passion for motorsports.

Gordon McCall offered an in-depth look at the upcoming 2023 The Quail Motorcycle Gathering. As an enthusiast, rider, and collector, McCall describes the event, taking place next Saturday, May 6th, as a celebration of authenticity and genuineness in the collector classic motorcycle world.

Compared to the car world, where people are often obsessed with the monetary value of their vehicles, the motorcycle world has a unique cultural atmosphere. Owners are often more interested in discussing the history and riding experiences of their bikes than their worth. This genuine love for motorcycles is what McCall believes draws people to The Quail Motorcycle Gathering every year.

Over the past 13 years, the event has evolved to stay relevant to the constantly evolving motorcycle world. Each year, they feature different groups with special categories. This year's featured group is the baggers, large touring motorcycles that are growing in popularity, while their Italian and single category highlights smaller, single-cylinder Italian bikes.

The event, taking place on May 6th from 10am to 4pm, will also include a special feature on muscle bikes of the '70s, which were known for their high horsepower but poor handling and brakes.

With 14 categories in total, The Quail Motorcycle Gathering promises to be a standout event for enthusiasts of all ages. McCall believes the genuine passion for motorcycles is what makes the gathering so special, allowing riders to share stories, experiences, and the joy of their shared love for motorcycles.

As the world evolves, it's refreshing to see events dedicated to celebrating timeless passions and genuine enthusiasm, and The Quail Motorcycle Gathering remains just that.