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Top Reasons to Visit Pacific Grove

Top Reasons to Visit Pacific Grove

Visit Pacific Grove for a Quaint Retreat

If you adore the sun, sand and pure relaxation, coastal Pacific Grove, California may just make a perfect getaway for you. This Monterey County destination is a hub for butterflies, picturesque beaches and even culture.

Lovely Monarch Grove Sanctuary

The Monarch Grove Sanctuary is a fascinating spot for people who wish to catch a glimpse of the majestic and rarely seen monarch butterfly of its naming. The city is home to one of America's biggest overwintering sites for these winged insects. When you're at the sanctuary, keep your eyes peeled when gazing at the trees and eucalyptus branches. Monarch butterflies sometimes can be confused with dead leaves, interestingly enough.

The Fascination of the Museum of Natural History

Established back in 1883, the Museum of Natural History is among the United States' oldest natural history museums. It's a riveting destination for people who want to learn more about the wonders of California's Central Coast region. If you visit this museum, you'll have the opportunity to see the area's diverse plants, wildlife, birds and geology. If you want to be engrossed in a blend of nature and culture, this is one of the area's premier draws.

Historic Lighthouse

Point Pinos Lighthouse is one of the city's signature attractions, and it's notable for being the West Coast's oldest nonstop operating lighthouse. As a structure listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the Point Pinos Lighthouse is a must-see for people who appreciate history and navigation alike. Note that the lighthouse's prisms, lenses and actual building are all 100 percent intact.

The Scenic Beauty of Asilomar State Beach

Asilomar State Beach is a very popular attraction for visitors to the area. The state park gives people the chance to enjoy the serenity of the beach. It also gives people the chance to enjoy lovely and peaceful coast trails walks with views that are simply inimitable. The walking trail lasts for 3/4ths of a mile. The slender strip consists of a combination of jagged coves and smooth, soft beaches. Dogs are allowed to visit Asilomar State Beach but only if they're leashed 100 percent of the time. If Fido is accompanying you on your getaway, make sure you put his leash on securely. Asilomar State Beach is merely steps away from Asilomar Dunes National Preserve, the location of a native plant greenhouse that accommodates over 450,000 plants.

The Relaxation of Pacific Grove Golf Links

If you're all about taking it easy, you'll have a great time visiting this public 18-hole golf course. Famed golf course architect (and amateur golfer) Chandler Egan designed the course in 1932. Visitors to the area who are looking for a fine municipal course are sure to have a ball here.

Start Planning Now

If you want to enjoy a tranquil, entertaining and beautiful Central California getaway, there's simply no better place to do so than in Pacific Grove. The city offers the perfect blend of nature, culture and recreational activities. Browse our recommends hotels and inns and make sure you also check upcoming events for more fun while staying in Monterey County.